Robertson’s BBQ & Catering, Ralph-Fosters, Alabama

For those of you unfamiliar with the communities of rural Tuscaloosa County, Ralph and Fosters are two tiny communities with indefinite boundaries. It’s often unclear at any given moment whether you’re in Ralph or Fosters, at least to outlanders like me. They’re around 20 miles southwest of Bryan-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa proper. That’s way out in the country, 13 miles past Nick’s in the Sticks, … Continue reading Robertson’s BBQ & Catering, Ralph-Fosters, Alabama

Demetri’s, Homewood, Alabama

I love Demetri’s. I’ve written about Demetri’s before, here. It’s one of my Top Places, and they serve outstanding barbecue and great vegetables. This time, I went to Demetri’s for breakfast. Playboy magazine declared that Demetri’s serves the best breakfast in the United States. I want to make clear that I don’t read Playboy magazine. I never read Playboy, except for the cartoon captions, and … Continue reading Demetri’s, Homewood, Alabama

The Historic Waysider Restaurant, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The Waysider, shown here on a very sunny day, is historic in part because it’s old, the oldest restaurant in that part of Alabama, but mainly because of their better-than-Mama’s biscuits and because Bear Bryant ate there almost daily — for good reason. Southern Living touted it as the Best Breakfast in Alabama, which is going some. And I suppose it’s historic because it hasn’t … Continue reading The Historic Waysider Restaurant, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Pruett’s Bar-B-Q, Gadsden, Alabama

I decided to stop for the night in Gadsden on my way from DC to Tuscaloosa. I’d driven for 12 hours, thanks to the I-81 Truckers’ Traffic Obstruction Competition (see here), and it was getting dark, and I remembered that my friend and Gadsden native, Bob McCurley, had spoken highly of Pruett’s. So I checked in at the posh Gadsden Fairfield Inn (very friendly people) … Continue reading Pruett’s Bar-B-Q, Gadsden, Alabama

Mr. Bill’s Southern Diner, Northport, Alabama

I’ve written about the Southern institution of the Meat and Three before here, and it’s always a treat to go to one again. This time, on my lightning road trip to Tuscaloosa and back, I went back to Mr. Bill’s, across the river from Tuscaloosa in Northport. I’d managed a good night’s sleep after eating more meat than the law allows at Rusty’s — more … Continue reading Mr. Bill’s Southern Diner, Northport, Alabama

Buc-ee’s, Leeds, Alabama: You will not Believe this Place

“If you vote for Pedro, all your wildest dreams will come true.” Napoleon Dynamite. The same may be said of Buc-ee’s. I had passed a Buc-ee’s on my way to a great dinner at Rusty’s, and made it a point to stop there on the way to my motel. Buc-ee’s completely redefines the very idea of a gas station. They do so by taking all … Continue reading Buc-ee’s, Leeds, Alabama: You will not Believe this Place

Rusty’s Bar-B-Q, Leeds, Alabama

I recently drove down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to teach an Honors College class for my good friend, Bob McCurley. I do that every year. Usually, I take my time driving down, stop and see family, and Nancy and I join Bob and Babs at an Alabama game. This year, I was a bit antsy about drinking, dining, and just being at close quarters with an … Continue reading Rusty’s Bar-B-Q, Leeds, Alabama

News Alert! A Latin Pig Roast in Birmingham!

HICA, the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, is sponsoring a traditional Latin pig roast at the Cahaba Brewing Company from 2-6 on September 11. The pig(s?) will be seasoned with traditional seasonings and cooked over a pit starting the evening before. The whole process is open to the public, and it offers an education to all of you thinking of cooking a whole pig yourselves … Continue reading News Alert! A Latin Pig Roast in Birmingham!

A Great Loss: Mike Wilson of SAW’s Barbecue

Mike Wilson, the genius behind SAW’s BBQ, SAW’s Soul Kitchen, and SAW’s Juke Joint, died over the Labor Day weekend, of all the weekends of the year. Mike opened SAW’s BBQ in Homewood, Alabama, in 2009. The first time I went there, back in 2014, I posted that “SAW’s Barbecue in Homewood, Alabama, serves what may well be the moistest, most tender barbecue in the … Continue reading A Great Loss: Mike Wilson of SAW’s Barbecue