Wright’s Barbecue, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Our Senior Arkansas Correspondent, Julie Rokala, sent this report from a football visit to Fayetteville. Wright’s is actually is in Johnson, Arkansas, just north of Fayetteville. There’s another Wright’s nearby in Bentonville. It’s very pretty country, and the area is growing rapidly. I haven’t been there in nearly 50 years, when I volunteered for a month for a young congressional candidate. He lost, thus avoiding … Continue reading Wright’s Barbecue, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Kream Kastle, Blytheville, Arkansas

Here is another lesson why you should not limit yourself to famous barbecue places.  Get out and find you own.  I had a miserable meal at top-rated Central BBQ, and then a great sandwich at a place you’ve never heard of.  And now another excellent sandwich.  Let’s retrace out steps. I really enjoyed my visits with my Blytheville cousins, and I especially liked the pork … Continue reading Kream Kastle, Blytheville, Arkansas

The Dixie Pig, Blytheville, Arkansas

After my disappointing trip to Central Bar-B-Q on my Great Memphis Region Barbecue Sandwich Tour, I got back up on the horse and set out for more barbecue.  I drove across the Mississippi River into Arkansas and up to Blytheville.  Odds are that you’ve never heard of Blytheville.  Food reviewers certainly haven’t.  Perhaps they need to get out more.  An easy drive from Memphis, Blytheville is … Continue reading The Dixie Pig, Blytheville, Arkansas