Mason-Dixon Cafe, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Nancy and I went to the Pottery Barn Outlet in Fredericksburg in search of a low price on some furniture. The place turned out to be mainly an outlet for returned furniture — returned for good reason. We left empty handed and started looking for a place to eat lunch. My barbecue research not having turned up any place that cooks exclusively with wood, we … Continue reading Mason-Dixon Cafe, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Charlie Parker’s, Springfield, Illinois

After a late and large lunch at BEAST Craft BBQ in Belleville, Nancy and I went on to Springfield and checked in to our hotel.  Nancy wasn’t at all hungry, and I wasn’t interested in a big meal, so I reverted to hunter-gatherer mode at a local supermarket and dined on oranges, a bag of M & Ms, and a couple of Hazy Little Thing … Continue reading Charlie Parker’s, Springfield, Illinois

Mando’s Restaurant and Bar, Marfa, Texas

I promised to touch on the Marfa art scene. Marfa has extraordinary cultural resources for a small town in the high desert of West Texas.  Marfa has its own NPR station, an independent book store, 16 art galleries and the Chinati Foundation, and a foundation-funded writers-in-residence foundation.  Marfa is a sort of Mecca of minimalist art, which tends toward maximalist in size.    This kilometer-long … Continue reading Mando’s Restaurant and Bar, Marfa, Texas

Jim ‘N Nick’s, Birmingham, Alabama Airport Redux

My last report on the Jim ‘N Nick’s at the Birmingham airport was quite critical of the quality of the pork.  It tasted as if it had been cooked the day before and reheated in an oven at 350, rather than warmed slowly, lovingly over a pit with lots of smoke. I’m pleased to note a marked improvement.  On my last trip, I got … Continue reading Jim ‘N Nick’s, Birmingham, Alabama Airport Redux

Barbecue for Breakfast?

Garden and Gun has a list of what they consider the best places for breakfast in the South. Take it with a grain 0f salt: for example, they don’t mention Waffle House.  They do mention one barbecue place – Southern Soul Barbecue  on St. Simon’s Island. This is not your ordinary barbecue place – or breakfast place, for that matter.  First, it is on … Continue reading Barbecue for Breakfast?

Jim and Nick’s in the Birmingham Airport

I am a big fan of the Birmingham airport.  The  rental cars are on site, there’s plenty of close-in parking when you’re picking someone up, and they have a Jim and Nick’s Barbecue restaurant on site, a Chick-fil-A if you’re in a hurry, and opportunities to get a Good People IPA.   Jim and Nicks is one of the most dependable barbecue chains around – … Continue reading Jim and Nick’s in the Birmingham Airport