Owlbear Barbecue, Denver, Colorado

After a big breakfast at Westside in Vail, Nancy and I dropped off the young people at the Denver airport, and turned towoard Colorado Springs. First, though, we (I) decided to get some barbecue in Denver. It had been far too long since my last barbecue meal. Our first choice was Hank’s Texas Barbecue, which, based on great reviews from our Senior Colorado Correspondents, Don … Continue reading Owlbear Barbecue, Denver, Colorado

Westside Cafe, Vail, Colorado

Ah, Westside Cafe! Great food is one thing at Vail. An affordable meal for six is yet another. Westside has them both. Nancy and I went for breakfast there with Liza, Michael, Ella and Lily. Westside is situated across the highway from Vail, and it’s a nice place with lots of old time Western decor, including a wagon wheel chandelier, as well as skiing equipment. … Continue reading Westside Cafe, Vail, Colorado

Bully’s Ranch, Vail, Colorado

Bully’s Ranch is in the Sonnenalp Hotel, which is a good thing to know when you’re in Vail. They only take dinner reservations for hotel guests, and you can always find a couple of seats at the bar for dinner, now matter how crowded Vail is. That’s what Nancy and I did on our Vail date night. Earlier in the day, we’d walked up to … Continue reading Bully’s Ranch, Vail, Colorado

Tavern on the Square, Vail, Colorado

The Tavern on the Square is connected with the Arrabelle at Vail Square, which has a prime location in Vail, right on Lionshead Square. It’s a wonderful location, maybe the best in Vail. Tavern on the Square is right at the foot of the mountain, with a magnificent view. There often is live music in the Square, either from one of Vail’s many music festivals, … Continue reading Tavern on the Square, Vail, Colorado

The Slope Room, Vail, Colorado

We (Nancy and I, Liza and Michael, Julie and Scott, and Ella, Lily, and Hudson) followed the Fall Line Kitchen with dinner at the Slope Room. It’s a new restaurant, and a welcome addition to Vail. The service was impeccable, and the food was crafted with thought and skill. Many dishes at the Slope Room involve an Asian influence in the seasoning and ingredients. The … Continue reading The Slope Room, Vail, Colorado

Hank’s Texas Barbecue, Denver, Colorado

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you breaking news from our Senior Colorado Correspondents, Don and Laurie Hutchins.  Laurie is one of my Griffin cousins — not technically but effectively one of the Bill’s now Marty’s Griffins from Wilson, North Carolina; and you met Don at Sweet Lew’s in Charlotte where they live, as do almost all of the other Griffins.  Laurie and Don also … Continue reading Hank’s Texas Barbecue, Denver, Colorado

The Elvis Tour

My friend Charley reminds me that tomorrow will mark “39 years since the King left the house.”  Garden and Gun offers a timely travel guide for Elvis fans, of whom I am one. The tour includes his birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi — a plain shotgun house that I visited many years ago while on the way from Birmingham to Blytheville, Arkansas to visit my grandmother, … Continue reading The Elvis Tour

Colorado Tour de Barbecue – Moe’s, Vail

I almost didn’t go to Moe’s while we were in Vail.  Everyone was pretty barbecued out.  I did have some time before meeting the others before lunch, so I stopped in and had a pork sandwich.  I was surprised how good it was.  Moe’s uses a box and cherry wood.  The pork is moist and has some smoke taste, but what really helped was the … Continue reading Colorado Tour de Barbecue – Moe’s, Vail