Roaming Rooster, Washington, DC

Do you remember the much-publicized challenge by Popeye’s to the Chick-fil-A fried chicken sandwich dominance? Me neither. I was reminded of it, however, by the arrival of a Roaming Rooster branch in Tenleytown, not far from our home. Roaming Rooster was a major beneficiary of the Popeye’s ad campaign. How? Just when lots of people were focused on fried chicken sandwiches, a local musician/influencer, Bri … Continue reading Roaming Rooster, Washington, DC

New Orleans by Myra is Back! In Lusby, Maryland

Oh, I got excited! Nancy and I went down to Lusby, Maryland, for the weekend and I saw it! The New Orleans by Myra’s food truck, the source of the best Shrimp Po-Boy and the best Oyster Po-Boy in the area. They’d been away for months, and I’d been left bereft. No more! Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer … well, … Continue reading New Orleans by Myra is Back! In Lusby, Maryland

Pinkie’s Eatery, Owings, Maryland

Nancy and I recently took a major detour on our way down to Cove Point. It’s a long story that you don’t want to hear. At any rate, we found ourselves on MD 2 south of Annapolis as time for lunch was receding. Nancy’s emergency internet research revealed a highly rated place, Pinkie’s Eatery, that boasted Cajun/Southern food. It was just a few miles ahead, … Continue reading Pinkie’s Eatery, Owings, Maryland

Little Sesame Pop-Up at Sugar Fox, Washington, DC

We have another good place to eat! Nancy and I finally had a chance to try the Little Sesame pop-up at Sugar Fox, the sweet shop associated with the Red Fox, next to Buck’s and across the street from Rosemary Bistro and I’m Eddie Cano. That’s quite a block. Little Sesame’s pop-up is very popular. I tried ordering at 6:00 or 6:30 on a Wednesday … Continue reading Little Sesame Pop-Up at Sugar Fox, Washington, DC

Mama Lucia’s, Washington, DC

Folks here in Chevy Chase, DC, are thrilled! After 11 months of Groundhog Day there’s a new dining option in the neighborhood. It’s Mama Lucia’s, a carryout expansion of a Maryland suburban chain featuring pizzas, sandwiches, and red sauce Italian food. Red sauce Italian food is especially welcome now. It’s tasty, comforting, and — this is especially important for carryout — it travels beautifully. We … Continue reading Mama Lucia’s, Washington, DC

Wagyu vs. Prime at 2fifty Texas BBQ, Riverdale Park, Maryland

I finally managed to get back to 2fifty Texas BBQ, easily the best barbecue place in the Washington area. They’ve changed a lot since my first few visits. They’ve moved to their permanent location (which is really nice) and added a lot of outdoor seating. They’ve expanded their hours to include Friday and Saturday, as well as Sunday, and are shooting to open Thursdays as … Continue reading Wagyu vs. Prime at 2fifty Texas BBQ, Riverdale Park, Maryland

Smokehouse BBQ Shack, Mechanicsville, Maryland

Mechanicsville is no bigger than a minute, but it can claim both the Surgeon General of the United States and the House Majority Leader as native sons.  Pretty tall cotton — or tobacco.  That’s what they used to grow in Southern Maryland.  Now the tobacco is gone and the farmers are growing subdivisions.  But Mechanicsville is largely untouched by the Washington excrescence.  It’s still just … Continue reading Smokehouse BBQ Shack, Mechanicsville, Maryland

Rosemary Bistro and Cafe, Washington, DC

I walked straight down to Rosemary Bistro and Cafe for lunch the last time I was in town. It had excited a little controversy on the neighborhood listserve, with views pro and con, and I wanted to see for myself. I’d planned to go there the week before, but a malign fate took me across the street to Muchas Gracias. This time I stuck with … Continue reading Rosemary Bistro and Cafe, Washington, DC

Muchas Gracias, Washington, DC

I wandered down Connecticut Avenue looking for a new place to get lunch, and stumbled upon Muchas Gracias. It’s a narrow storefront formerly occupied by a pizza carry-out place, squeezed in between Buck’s and Sugar Fox, the Little Red Fox ice cream and cupcake shop. It seems Muchas Gracias had been open for about a month, most of which I’ve been away. See the last … Continue reading Muchas Gracias, Washington, DC

Ketch 22, North Beach, Maryland

I arranged a lunch to meet my old buddies from the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division where I spent a few years on police brutality cases and hate crimes.  You’ve met one of them, Jim Oliver, several times, including  here.  The other is David Allred, a Cullman, Alabama, boy who tried cases in the Montgomery US Attorneys office for a few decades before … Continue reading Ketch 22, North Beach, Maryland