A Barbecue Oasis in Washington, DC

The Nation’s Capital often has been described as a barbecue desert, not least by me.  Washington has great food from all parts of the world, except the South.  Revolutions around the world help.  Whenever a government is overthrown, leaders of the old, corrupt government come to Washington where they can feel right at home, and they open restaurants.  I keep hoping for revolution in India, … Continue reading A Barbecue Oasis in Washington, DC

The Best Pork in Washington, DC: Los Hermanos

Despite her initial attribution of paper mill odors to me, Yvette Rivera remains one of my favorite people.  Besides being an excellent attorney, thoughtful, and an all-around good person, Yvette is an expert in Caribbean pork — Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican — you name it.  Yvette recently sent me a text about Los Hermanos, a Dominican restaurant, and my immediate, brain stem response was, “Let’s … Continue reading The Best Pork in Washington, DC: Los Hermanos

The Smokehouse, Annapolis, Maryland

We went over to Annapolis to spend a Friday night with Sue and David Boyd, Michael’s parents and our, or Ella’s, co-grandparents, and to try out the Smokehouse, a barbecue place that also has live music on Fridays. The Smokehouse has a sports bar ambience, with lots of televisions.  I got excited when I saw a card on the table advertising dollar oysters on Friday … Continue reading The Smokehouse, Annapolis, Maryland

How to Make Perfect Barbecue: An Illustrated Step by Step Guide

Memorial Day is coming up, and that means the opening of Prime Home-Cooked Barbecue Season.  For your convenience, I’ve gathered together a series of posts describing the five — well, six — steps involved in making perfect barbecue.  They give you a detailed guide, and now you have them all in one convenient place.  Follow these steps and you’ll make some great barbecue. Note:  This … Continue reading How to Make Perfect Barbecue: An Illustrated Step by Step Guide

Mangialardo’s, Washington, DC

There are other great sandwiches besides Cuban sandwiches and, of course, barbecue sandwiches.  Right up near the top of any Great Sandwich list is the Italian Sub (or Hoagie or Poor Boy or Grinder or Hero or Torpedo or whatever you called it where you grew up.) The Washington Post had an article a while back about the best Italian subs in Washington.  They purchased subs … Continue reading Mangialardo’s, Washington, DC

Chez Hammons, Washington, D.C.

Don’t you just love it when something really good gets even better?  It doesn’t happen that often here in Washington, but when it does …. it’s a pearl of great price. That’s what happened in our little corner of DC.  I wrote about the cookout my next door neighbors at Stately Hammons Hall, Scott and Julie Hammons and AJ Guy, had last year.  It featured pork … Continue reading Chez Hammons, Washington, D.C.

Washington’s Continuing War on Barbecue

Washington’s war on barbecue continues, this time with a stab in the back by, of all people, the Smithsonian Institution.  Jim Shahin, the Washington Post’s quondam barbecue writer, has an article about the suppression of barbecue by, of all places, the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.  He writes: Along with a little information about Africa, the tiny food exhibit features oysters, red … Continue reading Washington’s Continuing War on Barbecue

The Federalist Pig, Washington, DC

You may think it is damning with faint praise, and it is, but the Federalist Pig is the best barbecue place in Washington.  Note: that is based solely on their ribs.  Stick with the ribs. In a triumph of hope over experience, I went to try their barbecue with Doug Jacobson, the Kansas City Barbecue Maven and our Senior Roving Correspondent, and Doug’s father-in-law, Bob … Continue reading The Federalist Pig, Washington, DC

July 4, 2017, at Stately Tanner Manor, Washington, DC: A New Hope

Have I told you that I’m now a grandfather?  No?  That’s odd.  I’ve told everyone else several times.  More than several times, in some cases.  Yes, the lovely and talented Ella Grace Boyd was born to Liza and Michael Boyd five months ago.  Now that Liza is back at work, Nancy (aka Nonnie) is the Nanny and I (aka Papa (or Papa-Q)) am the Senior … Continue reading July 4, 2017, at Stately Tanner Manor, Washington, DC: A New Hope

Scared in the Kitchen

My friend Charley Stanchik has a YouTube channel, Scared in the Kitchen.  To begin with, Charles is, first and foremost, a fan of the King, Elvis Presley.  That must be distinctly understood.  Charles is not an Elvis impersonator, but he carries himself in the style the Memphis Mafia — a typical outfit is white tie over a black shirt, two-toned shoes, black pants — and he … Continue reading Scared in the Kitchen