Paris Dining Guide Special Edition: L’Ami Jean

Our Senior Paris Correspondents, Barbara Somson, Ross Eisenbrey and their daughter Becca, recently returned from Paris with a report.  They are frequent visitors to France, and Becca lived there for a while as a student — a year abroad, I think.  And they know food. They report: Our most exciting meal was at our old standby favorite, L’Ami Jean, where we had what the chef … Continue reading Paris Dining Guide Special Edition: L’Ami Jean

Chez Downing, Redmond, Washington

A few years ago, Nancy and I went to a cooking school at Casa Gregorio in Castro dei Volsci, a lovely medieval hill town that has been untouched by the last two or three centuries except for the odd bomb or two during World War II, and by the transformation of some houses into the truly lovely Casa Gregorio.  It’s in Lazio, about 50-60 miles from … Continue reading Chez Downing, Redmond, Washington

Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

From Debbie McMullen, our Senior London Correspondent, comes news of a barbecue expansion opening in the UK. The Guardian reports that there is a new barbecue place in Wales. While the article purports to list the top 10 barbecue places in the US, the real story is that the authors, Sam Evans and Shauna Guinn, were so taken with the barbecue during a three-year … Continue reading Hang Fire Southern Kitchen, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales

Paris Dining Guide 4: The Marais

You’ll go to the Marais.  The Pompidou is on the western side.  The Picasso and the Place des Vosges are there.  So is the Cognac-Jay and the underrated Carnavalet.  So are narrow streets and the old Jewish Quarter.  So is lots of good food.  In previous trips we have had lovely meals at the Dome du Marais and Bofinger.  Coude Fou and L’As du Felafel, … Continue reading Paris Dining Guide 4: The Marais

Paris Dining Guide: 3

The Paris Dining Guide resumes with suggestions on where to eat while visiting two of Paris’ smaller museums, both of which are great. The Jaquemart-Andre If you’re in Paris before July 25, go see the plein air exhibit at the Jaquemart-Andre.  If you go after that, go to the Jaquemart-Andre anyway. I’m sure it’s in your guidebook.   The museum is a mansion owned by art … Continue reading Paris Dining Guide: 3

Paris Dining Guide: 1

While good barbecue is available at The Beast, you don’t really go to Paris to eat barbecue.  There are thousands of good and truly great restaurants in Paris, and many good resources for helping you decide which to try.  It can be a trick to match your preferred restaurants with the place you are staying and the various sites you are visiting.  The best resource … Continue reading Paris Dining Guide: 1

Where to Eat in Amsterdam Besides Pendergast

I enjoyed eating in Amsterdam.  Pendergast, or Pendergast Smokehouse if you prefer, was great -– the best barbecue in Europe.  We had a great breakfast at the hotel every day that included, in addition to the usual choices, Edam, Gouda and other Dutch cheeses (Leyden spiked with cumin seeds -– excellent!), good local pork sausages, smoked mackerel, and little pancakes (poffertjes).  All good. The Netherlands … Continue reading Where to Eat in Amsterdam Besides Pendergast

The Beast, Paris, France

I usually follow the motto, “Think globally, eat locally,” although I tend to do a lot more of the latter than the former. But in my most recent, 12-day stay in Paris I branched out to try barbecue at The Beast. My European barbecue expectations had risen since eating at the outstanding Pendergast in Amsterdam, and my pre-trip research indicated that The Beast is the best … Continue reading The Beast, Paris, France

Pendergast, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wow! That was my reaction to my first bite of brisket at Pendergast in Amsterdam.  I was stunned by the taste, especially the taste of the crust.  I turned to Nancy and said, “This is amazing!” Nancy and I went to Pendergast largely out of a sense of duty to the Blog.   How good could barbecue be in the Netherlands?  Even the Amsterdam Tourist web … Continue reading Pendergast, Amsterdam, Netherlands