Where to Eat on I-95 from Washington to Florida: Updated

Many Americans are driving to Florida this winter.  For those of us on the East Coast, that means a lot of time on I-95, a lot of stops for refreshment, and probably an overnight.  You’re pretty much on your own for food recommendations if you’re coming from north of Washington, aside from Forno’s of Spain in Newark.  I really would love to have your suggestions — send … Continue reading Where to Eat on I-95 from Washington to Florida: Updated

D & D Barbecue, Atlanta, Georgia

My brother Jim sent me the video link from The Oxford American, which is more or less Garden and Gun for smart people.   It is a supplement to an earlier John T. Edge piece, Folk Witness, about the question of community and “exchanges unadulterated by artifice” that “confirm that humans are at the helm… complicated souls capable of responding to circumstance and necessity with brilliance.” … Continue reading D & D Barbecue, Atlanta, Georgia

Heirloom Market Bar B Que, Atlanta, Georgia

When I’m driving through Atlanta, I usually go straight through town rather than take the bypass.  That way I have time to read a couple of chapters of a book while I’m stopped dead in traffic at the 75-85 merge.  But those days are no more.  From now on, I’ll take I285 north of downtown and stop to eat at Heirloom Market BBQ, which is … Continue reading Heirloom Market Bar B Que, Atlanta, Georgia

Malson’s Barbecue, I-95 Exit 3, Kingsland, Georgia

Few things can be more discouraging on a long trip on I-95 than the prospect of finding a good place to eat.  Lots of good places exist, but they rarely are mentioned on the Food-Fuel-Lodging signs along the interstate.  (I have heard that restaurants have to be open for three meals in order to qualify for sign placement, and they may have to pay some … Continue reading Malson’s Barbecue, I-95 Exit 3, Kingsland, Georgia

B’s Cracklin’ BBQ, Savannah, Georgia

When Garden and Gun, Southern Living, and Jim Shahin all are touting a barbecue place, you try to get there.  We were in Hilton Head, with B’s Cracklin’ BBQ in Savannah, a mere 90 minutes away — 90 minutes there, 30 to eat and 90 home: reasonable.   Nancy was committed to a five hour mah jongg marathon (she connected with a group down there … Continue reading B’s Cracklin’ BBQ, Savannah, Georgia

Fincher’s, Macon, Georgia

I remember eating at the original Fincher’s back in July 1980, when I was in Georgia to determine whether we should send federal observers to some nearby counties to ensure equal treatment of all voters.  (We should have and we did.)  I recall the pilot announcing that the local temperature was 108 degrees, and that there were yellow jackets in the phone booth from which … Continue reading Fincher’s, Macon, Georgia

Barbecue for Breakfast?

Garden and Gun has a list of what they consider the best places for breakfast in the South. http://gardenandgun.com/article/rise-dine-souths-best-breakfast-joints Take it with a grain 0f salt: for example, they don’t mention Waffle House.  They do mention one barbecue place – Southern Soul Barbecue  on St. Simon’s Island. This is not your ordinary barbecue place – or breakfast place, for that matter.  First, it is on … Continue reading Barbecue for Breakfast?

Bill’s Barbeque Review — Atlanta, Georgia

December 12, 2013: A followup on Atlanta having more barbecue places per capita than anywhere else in the US – even Birmingham – from noted barbecue expert and ISS classmate, Bill Edmundson. Bill notes that — “Quantity v quality” has to be considered. Atlanta is trend city, and the carpetbaggers love to think they’re connoisseurs. What passes for “‘cue” around here is depressing. My oldest … Continue reading Bill’s Barbeque Review — Atlanta, Georgia