Is the North Carolina Department of Transportation Anti-Barbecue?

I normally have a high regard for North Carolina’s state government agencies.  Every time I’ve stepped onto an elevator in North Carolina in living memory, I’ve been greeted by the smiling visage of Cherie Berry, the head of the North Carolina Department of Labor (which inspects elevators).   “Cherie” is pronounced CHAIR -ee, in her case.  Ms. Berry has an infectious name, she looks like … Continue reading Is the North Carolina Department of Transportation Anti-Barbecue?

Excellence in Public Education

This blog is public spirited, and particularly concerned with education.  Recall our criticism of the ahistorical and culturally inappropriate offerings at the Smithsonian’s Museum of African American History here in Washington, or our review of the benefits of going to East Carolina for college.  Most recently, we promoted science education.  We are also concerned with elementary and high school education, and want to publicize Best … Continue reading Excellence in Public Education

Finally — A Substantive Political Debate about Something Important

I have tuned out of political debates lately, at least to the extent possible here in DC.  Politics increasingly seems dominated by name-calling and “gotcha” moments; and ad hominem attacks just irritate me unless they’re really clever.  That happens about once in a good year.  The political reporting and commentary here in DC mainly involves the horse race — who’s ahead, whether a bill is … Continue reading Finally — A Substantive Political Debate about Something Important

The Whiskey Speech

I avoid political posts, in part because this is a family blog.  It seems a good time however, to offer one of the great political speeches of all time. Legalizing liquor sales used to be a hot issue in Mississippi, one that was uncomfortable for many legislators: any position would alienate a large number of voters.  How was a candidate to thread the needle?  The … Continue reading The Whiskey Speech

The Politics of Barbecue

The New York Times has an op-ed today by John Shelton Reed on barbecue and politics in North Carolina.  It doesn’t get into the substance of barbecue, which is just as well since the New York Times is a welter of ignorance when it comes to barbecue, and it is a tender mercy when it doesn’t say anything.  Mr. Reed is always amusing, however, and the op-ed … Continue reading The Politics of Barbecue

EPA Pollution Emissions and Backyard Barbecues

March 18, 2015: Two things: 1. Cold dead hands 2. Putting tin foil on an uncovered grill defers the whole point of grilling. Sheesh!…/lawmaker-calls-for-rebellion-agai…/ Lawmaker calls for a rebellion against EPA pollution emissions for backyard barbecues State Senator Eric Schmitt is calling for a #porksteakrebellion. FOXNEWS.COM Continue reading EPA Pollution Emissions and Backyard Barbecues

Pigs Won’t Fly in Textbooks

January 14, 2015: Children all over the world will remain ignorant of barbecue. So sad.…/pigs-textbooks-oup-authors-por… Pigs won’t fly in textbooks: OUP tells authors not to mention pork Guidelines for writers have come to light telling writers to avoid mention of anything which might offend overseas markets THEGUARDIAN.COM|BY ALISON FLOOD Continue reading Pigs Won’t Fly in Textbooks

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx

April 29, 2013: Pres. Obama has made a great move by selecting Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx as the new Transportation Secretary.  You may recall that before the 2012 Democratic Convention, Mayor Foxx had the integrity to confess that there was no great barbecue in Charlotte after the First Lady had stated that Charlotte was a city with great barbecue. We need more people who put … Continue reading Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx