Ultimate Barbecue Bracket

March 18, 2015: I have not been to all of these — yet — and note that not all of them are really barbecue places. (Ted Peters’ sells no barbecue at all, and pit beef (best served rare) is not barbecue.) Some of the omissions — Archibald’s, City Market, Wilber’s — are shocking. It will get down to apples and oranges choices, such as between … Continue reading Ultimate Barbecue Bracket

5 Unusual Barbecue Spots

January 17, 2015: More travel news from Garden and Gun. http://gardenandgun.com/blog/5-unusual-barbecue-spots 5 Unusual Barbecue Spots In many circles, the mark of a great pit master is his—or her—ability to stick to tradition. For good reason, too. It’s hard to improve on hog cooked over real wood and dressed with a simple sauce. Across the South, though, are joints that dish up… GARDENANDGUN.COM Continue reading 5 Unusual Barbecue Spots

Bill’s Barbeque Review — Atlanta, Georgia

December 12, 2013: A followup on Atlanta having more barbecue places per capita than anywhere else in the US – even Birmingham – from noted barbecue expert and ISS classmate, Bill Edmundson. Bill notes that — “Quantity v quality” has to be considered. Atlanta is trend city, and the carpetbaggers love to think they’re connoisseurs. What passes for “‘cue” around here is depressing. My oldest … Continue reading Bill’s Barbeque Review — Atlanta, Georgia

Top 5 Barbecue Cities in the US

December 4, 2013: This is about quantity rather than quality. I can’t recall any particularly good barbecue places in Atlanta, but welcome any suggestions. Top 5 Barbecue Cities in the US Birmingham, of course, makes the list of Top 5 barbecue cities in America, but who’s No. 1? Orlando is the top city for pizza, burgers and seafood; Pittsburgh is the biggest bar town. AL.COM Continue reading Top 5 Barbecue Cities in the US

The South’s Best Barbecue Sandwich?

June 13, 2012: The South’s Best Barbecue Sandwich I haven’t tried most of these places, and, of course, really question the choices, but it’s a helpful travel guide. Chopped, pulled, shredded, or sliced, there’s nothing like a pork sandwich from the pit. And everyone’s got an opinion on which one is boss hog. One thing’s for sure: These 20 barbecue joints do it right Continue reading The South’s Best Barbecue Sandwich?