Wilson County Barbecue, Portland, Maine

Some time back, as I was contemplating a future trip to Maine, I saw something about a place called Wilson County Barbecue in Portland, Maine. Or maybe I started thinking about a future trip to Maine after I saw about Wilson County Barbecue. My first question was, which Wilson County were they evoking?  There are three, one each in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. I … Continue reading Wilson County Barbecue, Portland, Maine

Noble BBQ, Portland, Maine

I’ve mentioned our friends and sometime neighbors John and Nancy Breul.  They’re on assignment this winter as our Senior South Portland Correspondents.  You may ask how in the world I persuaded them to choose this time of year to forsake Washington for Maine. Well, actually I didn’t.  Their daughter Sarah did by giving birth to Charlie Breul Roberge (who is doing famously), thereby transforming Nancy … Continue reading Noble BBQ, Portland, Maine

Barbecue in Portland, Maine!!!

Knapp Hudson, our Senior Maine correspondent and a high school classmate — and, like his wife, Ella, an outstanding photographer (check out Stone Coast Photography) — lives in Portland, Maine, and has found some barbecue! Here’s the write-up on Salvage Barbecue – After living in Portland for 37 years we have finally eaten at a BBQ place we would return to. We’re from South Carolina … Continue reading Barbecue in Portland, Maine!!!