Charlie Parker’s, Springfield, Illinois

After a late and large lunch at BEAST Craft BBQ in Belleville, Nancy and I went on to Springfield and checked in to our hotel.  Nancy wasn’t at all hungry, and I wasn’t interested in a big meal, so I reverted to hunter-gatherer mode at a local supermarket and dined on oranges, a bag of M & Ms, and a couple of Hazy Little Thing … Continue reading Charlie Parker’s, Springfield, Illinois

BEAST Craft BBQ, Belleville, Illinois

It was a benign fate that led us to Belleville, Illinois, and the excellent BEAST Craft BBQ.  Our project of completing those AVA 10k walks in every state capital drew us to St. Louis over the Columbus Day weekend.  We arrived in town in the early afternoon and headed  northeast to Springfield, Illinois.  Actually, we headed southeast for 30 miles to Belleville, Illinois. Belleville is the home of BEAST … Continue reading BEAST Craft BBQ, Belleville, Illinois