Recipe: Nancy Tanner’s Crab Cakes

We’ve been spending a lot of time on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay, and Nancy has been looking for the best crab cakes around.  She also has been inspired to cook crab cakes herself, and has found and customized an excellent crab cake recipe she found here. This is an unusual (for me) recipe in that each element save one, about which more below, is … Continue reading Recipe: Nancy Tanner’s Crab Cakes

Michael Boyd’s Shrimpburgers

When I recapped the 2020 World Shrimpburger Competition, there was a voice of dissent. No less than John Shelton Reed, author of Holy Smoke: The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue, and co-founder of the Campaign for Real Barbecue, offered up the Shrimp Shack on St. Helena Island, South Carolina. In a comment, reader Ron Garner pointed me to a NY Times article touting the … Continue reading Michael Boyd’s Shrimpburgers

The Captain’s Kitchen Special Sauce Recipe Revealed!

Regular readers know that the Captain’s Kitchen has won the crown for the World’s Best Shrimpburger for the last three years, an unprecedented feat. There are many reasons for the Captain’s Kitchen’s ascendancy, and you can read the details of their 2019 triumph here. One key to the Captain’s Kitchen’s continuing success is that they never rest on their laurels. There’s always something new. For … Continue reading The Captain’s Kitchen Special Sauce Recipe Revealed!

Max McMullen Clark’s Curried Chick Peas

Max McMullen Clark is one of London’s rising young chefs.  Nancy and I know him through our close friendship with his grandparents, Debbie and Jeremy McMullen.  You caught a glimpse of Jeremy, now, alas, deceased, here (scroll down for the glimpse), and, more recently, Debbie was our companion and expert restaurant guide when were in Paris together all too briefly last year.  See here and here. … Continue reading Max McMullen Clark’s Curried Chick Peas

Recipes for Murder Hornets

As with you, my first reaction on learning that murder hornets had come to the United States was that incredibly, 2020 had just gotten worse.  My second reaction was, “I wonder how they taste?” I’m not a big eater of insects.  I’ve had the chapulines (grasshopper) tacos at Oyamel here in Washington, one of the restaurants owned by Jose Andres, my choice for the Nobel … Continue reading Recipes for Murder Hornets

Recipes for Quarantine Times and Any Other Time

You’ve been stuck in your house or apartment for a while now, you can’t find a chicken for love nor money, and you’ve run through your favorite recipes at least twice. And you’re starting to run up bills from getting carry-out or delivery with, I hope and trust, truly excessive tips. Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friends! Here are selected recipes that … Continue reading Recipes for Quarantine Times and Any Other Time

10 Lessons for Smoking Your First Whole Hog

Many of you, no doubt, are planning on cooking a whole hog (or, more elegantly, pig) for your New Year’s dinner.  You are to be commended.  I’m sure that Dan Kenney would be cooking a whole pig if he weren’t exhausted from frying turkeys for half of Lumberton. The ultimate method of cooking a whole pig — or another large part of a pig — is … Continue reading 10 Lessons for Smoking Your First Whole Hog

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Carefully.  Very carefully. Here’s another Thanksgiving and Christmas recipe for you. My friend, Dan Kenney, has a post at the Coach4aDay on deep frying turkeys, and another one here, updated.  Dan will cook 15(!) turkeys on Thanksgiving this year.  I have no idea how many people he’s hosting, or how many he’s frying up for friends.  I wouldn’t put either past him — Dan is the … Continue reading How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Last Minute Barbecue Sauce Recipe

Let’s say you’re in one of America’s many barbecue deserts and a benign providence presents you with an opportunity to eat some by gosh barbecue.  The catches, you must provide some barbecue sauce.  You rush to the store and see KC Masterpiece and Bone Sucking Sauce and other crimes against humanity, but nothing you’d ever eat without a gun at your head, or maybe even … Continue reading Last Minute Barbecue Sauce Recipe