Sloppy Mama’s, Arlington, Virginia

Sloppy Mama’s is the best barbecue place in the Washington area — at least in the DC-Virginia part of the area.  I’m hedging because there are a couple of new all-wood barbecue places in Maryland that I haven’t tried. so stay tuned.  I’m keeping my powder dry, but Sloppy Mama’s owns the DC-Virginia crown. I went to Sloppy Mama’s as part of my continuing efforts on … Continue reading Sloppy Mama’s, Arlington, Virginia

Pappy’s Smokehouse, St. Louis, Missouri

Pappy’s Smokehouse is the highest-rated barbecue place in St. Louis on Yelp and Trip Advisor and most other “Best” lists.  Pappy’s is especially known for their ribs, which some consider the best in the US.  That made it a must-stop on our last day in St. Louis. The approach to Pappy’s is beautiful.  There are five big Ole Hickory cookers outside, each one of which has … Continue reading Pappy’s Smokehouse, St. Louis, Missouri

Noble Smoke, Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte need no longer skulk about when people are talking about barbecue.  Noble Smoke has arrived and Charlotte can hold its head high: they have a Top Place. It was not always so.  Famously, when Charlotte was announced as the site of the 2012 Democratic Convention, Michelle Obama touted Charlotte’s “great barbecue.”  Mayor Anthony Foxx, perhaps America’s most honest elected official since … George Washington … Continue reading Noble Smoke, Charlotte, North Carolina

Guest Post: Griffin Johnston on Texarbama BBQ, Fairhope, Alabama

I’ve mentioned my cousins, the Johnstons, before.  My first cousin, Ann Thomas, is one of the Wilson, North Carolina, Griffins, famous for their preference for Bill’s over Parker’s.  (Now that Bill’s has closed, they seem to be fans of Marty’s.)  Murray is from San Antonio  and went to school in Austin, and, a true Texan, he makes the best brisket in the Washington, DC, area. … Continue reading Guest Post: Griffin Johnston on Texarbama BBQ, Fairhope, Alabama

Texas Jack’s, Arlington, Virginia

Shortly after Nancy and I returned to DC from our trip to see Dear and eat barbecue, Doug Jacobson, the Kansas City Barbecue Maven, reminded me of our planned trip to Texas Jack’s, the Washington Post’s highly unreliable selection as the #1 barbecue place in the region.   Texas Jack’s is named after John B. Omohundro, a Virginia native who had a colorful career out … Continue reading Texas Jack’s, Arlington, Virginia

Mission Barbecue, Dover, Delaware

Nancy and I recently were to Dover to continue on our goal of 10K guided walks (Volksmarches) in each of the 50 state capitals.  We’re at 24 now.  Since I’m always on the lookout for new barbecue places,  I checked Yelp, and Mission Barbecue came up as the best local place.  Off we went, and found a mixed bag. Note:  Mission is part of a chain, one … Continue reading Mission Barbecue, Dover, Delaware

Big Tree Barbecue, East End, Grand Cayman

If you’re in Grand Cayman, you really should head out to the east end of the island and stop at the Big Tree Barbecue.  It’s a delightful place, and you can eat well there.  The Big Tree was rated # 2 among all restaurants in Grand Cayman on Trip Advisor, well ahead of star turns like Eric Ripert’s Blue, with its average entree at $119, … Continue reading Big Tree Barbecue, East End, Grand Cayman

Archibald and Woodrow’s, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Archibald and Woodrow’s is an offshoot of the Archibald’s on Martin Luther King in Northport, a town that sits cheek by jowl with Tuscaloosa.  Archibald’s serves the best ribs in the world, and also world-class chicken.  It was founded by George and Betty Archibald in 1962, and grandson Woodrow opened Archibald and Woodrow’s in 2002.  Now there are two Archibald and Woodrow’s in Tuscaloosa, one on … Continue reading Archibald and Woodrow’s, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

LC’s Bar-B-Q, Kansas City, Missouri

Fast Eddie Ashworth, an Indian Springs high school friend, offers LC’s in Kansas City as his favorite rib place.  He warns that the sauce may not be my cup of tea, and thoughtfully advises that I get it on the side.  Very considerate. Now Eddie lives in Baton Rouge, which is not known for barbecue, and I really respect Eddie’s willingness to travel a great … Continue reading LC’s Bar-B-Q, Kansas City, Missouri

Dreamland, Southside Birmingham, Alabama

If there’s any doubt that Birmingham is a barbecue town, consider a comment on reddit, “Looking at buying a house near the Dreamland’s in Southside.”  How many cities do you know where people buy houses based on proximity to barbecue places?  Or how many cities are united in a truly ecumenical approach to barbecue?  Consider: Sam Cohn organized a trip to that particular Dreamland outpost … Continue reading Dreamland, Southside Birmingham, Alabama