The Federalist Pig, Washington, DC

You may think it is damning with faint praise, and it is, but the Federalist Pig is the best barbecue place in Washington.  Note: that is based solely on their ribs.  Stick with the ribs. In a triumph of hope over experience, I went to try their barbecue with Doug Jacobson, the Kansas City Barbecue Maven and our Senior Roving Correspondent, and Doug’s father-in-law, Bob … Continue reading The Federalist Pig, Washington, DC

George Archibald, Jr. Rest in Peace

We mourn the passing of a giant. Mr. Archibald made the best ribs in the world, hands down.  People may dispute whether his achievement counts as an art or a craft, but everyone who has eaten the ribs at Archibald’s knows that he achieved greatness. Here’s the family Facebook post: Woodrow Washington added 3 new photos — with Tammy Wallace and 11 others. 11 hrs … Continue reading George Archibald, Jr. Rest in Peace

Dinosaur Barbecue, Syracuse, New York

While I was lounging by the pool in Palm Beach Shores (the poor section of Palm Beach) in January, I met Lou Cella.  I had on an Alabama cap — always a good conversation starter — and Lou will be instructing at a football camp in Tuscaloosa this Spring.  The conversation naturally turned to ribs.  Lou had been to Tuscaloosa before — he coaches at … Continue reading Dinosaur Barbecue, Syracuse, New York

Miss Myra’s Redux, Cahaba Heights, Alabama

I really like Miss Myra’s, as regular readers will recall.  But oh, how the mighty have fallen!   I went for lunch before Anne Rain and Hunter’s wedding with Nancy, Mike, my Aunt Jane Simms from Atlanta, and my cousin Scott Griffin of the Bill’s Griffins.  I was thinking of Carlisle’s or SAW’s, but Miss Myra’s was closer, and I had really liked it … Continue reading Miss Myra’s Redux, Cahaba Heights, Alabama

Archibald’s, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Archibald’s has the best ribs in the world.  Let’s get that out of the way up front.  More people know about Dreamland, which gets a lot of attention from football announcers, but Archibald’s is better: the best. We took a detour on our trip to Birmingham for Anne Rain and Hunter’s wedding.  We stopped in Tuscaloosa to spend some time with our friends, Bob and Babs … Continue reading Archibald’s, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, Kansas

First, Joe’s Kansas City is operating under an alias.  Until 2014, it was called Oklahoma Joe’s.  It changed its name over a three-year period to Joe’s Kansas City Joe’s.  Let’s face it, Kansas City is a bigger name in the barbecue world than Oklahoma.  There are now three branches, all on the Kansas side. Joe’s Kansas City neé Oklahoma Joe’s gets a lot of attention, … Continue reading Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, Kansas

Quan Nuong Cay Sun, Hanoi, Vietnam

Nancy is in Hanoi, seeing the sights for a few days before the start of the Operation Smile mission in Quang Gnai.  She is so nice that she left the air conditioned comfort of her hotel ($48 per night — she refused to stay in the Marriott which would have cost about $100) in search of barbecue.  Thanks to Google, she found out about Quan … Continue reading Quan Nuong Cay Sun, Hanoi, Vietnam

Carlile’s, Birmingham, Alabama

I went down to Birmingham Tuesday morning to see how Dear is doing.  Call it  Mother’s Day Observed.  Dear suggested barbecue for lunch, knowing, of course, that I would want barbecue.  We went to Carlile’s, on 6th Avenue South, next door to Sneaky Pete’s, one of the truly great purveyors of chili dogs. Those who were impressed by the elaborate smoke exhaust systems in Europe … Continue reading Carlile’s, Birmingham, Alabama