Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Nolensville, Tennessee

Martin’s was our last stop in Nashville before heading to the airport and back home to Washington. I’d been to the branch of Martin’s in Cahaba Heights, outside Birmingham, and I’d thoroughly enjoyed the whole hog barbecue. It was right up there with B.E. Scott’s, and within shouting distance of Ramey’s among Tennessee whole hog places. I was eager to try it at its home … Continue reading Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Nolensville, Tennessee

The Local, Nashville, Tennessee

After dinner at Jack Cawthon’s, Nancy remembered that she’d seen another live music venue when we were trying to get to the Parthenon from the wrong side — that’s the full size replica of the Parthenon in Nashville. It was The Local, and its location put it safely beyond the bachelorette/party boat crowd, so we decided to go for some music before turning in. Nancy … Continue reading The Local, Nashville, Tennessee

The Tavern, Nashville, Tennessee

I went to Nashville to eat barbecue and listen to country music, and I ended up the first day at The Tavern, a place a food site describes as “Nashville’s cool-casual gastro-pub.” How did that happen? After breakfast at the Loveless Cafe, and lunch at Ramey’s BBQ in Parsons, Tennessee, my dinner plan was to head downtown to check out the honky tonks on Lower … Continue reading The Tavern, Nashville, Tennessee

Ramey’s Whole Hog BBQ, Parsons, Tennessee

Ramey’s is a treasure. It really should be a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site to celebrate barbecue — in this case whole hog barbecue. I’d been there once before during my Great Memphis Region Barbecue Sandwich Tour. (See posts for August-September, 2019; and here for Ramey’s.) Ramey’s is only 113 miles from Nashville, traveling as we did via the Loveless Cafe and Motel, and I would … Continue reading Ramey’s Whole Hog BBQ, Parsons, Tennessee

Loveless Cafe and Motel, Nashville, Tennessee

I occasionally take barbecue-eating trips, but even on those trips it isn’t all about barbecue. I also eat country ham biscuits. See, e.g., here. When we went to eat barbecue in Nashville (“the other Nashville,” as they say in Eastern North Carolina), for our very first meal we headed straight to the Loveless Cafe down in the southwestern extremity of Davidson County. They say the … Continue reading Loveless Cafe and Motel, Nashville, Tennessee

Edley’s Bar-B-Que, Nashville, Tennessee

Nancy and I spent a long weekend in Nashville, and had a great time. The two immediate lures were (1) the Barbecue Bros ranking of the top five barbecue places in Nashville, and (2) really cheap airfares on Southwest. The Barbecue Bros are three friends from High Point, North Carolina who, as every good North Carolinian, like to eat barbecue. The Bros, Speedy, Monk, and … Continue reading Edley’s Bar-B-Que, Nashville, Tennessee

Ramey’s Bar B Que, Parsons, Tennessee: The Pig is Back on the Pit!

Great news for barbecue lovers who live in Tennessee or who, like me, plan to go there. Ramey’s is back selling the best whole hog barbecue in Tennessee. Indeed, I’ll go further and say Ramey’s has the best whole hog barbecue outside of Eastern North Carolina. As my most devoted readers will recall, Ramey’s doesn’t cook barbecue from November into March. The cold weather requires … Continue reading Ramey’s Bar B Que, Parsons, Tennessee: The Pig is Back on the Pit!

Barbecue Bros’ Top 5 Barbecue Places in Nashville

The invaluable Barbecue Bros website has a post identifying the top five barbecue places in Nashville. This adds to their existing rankings for Charlotte, Lexington (NC), and Austin, and is a great resource for anyone planning to go through, anywhere near, or to Nashville — as everyone should. The Barbecue Bros – Monk, Rudy, and Speedy – grew up in High Point, North Carolina. You … Continue reading Barbecue Bros’ Top 5 Barbecue Places in Nashville

Mark Your Calendars!

Start making travel arrangements! Ramey’s Bar B Que re-opens on March 5!  (They close every year in cold weather because it complicates the cooking.)  Ramey’s is a great whole hog barbecue place, a Top Place by any standard.  And Ramey’s is within easy driving distance of Memphis and Nashville, so I’ll be looking for excuses to go to Memphis or Nashville or Alabama or Kentucky or … Continue reading Mark Your Calendars!