B. Cooper Barbecue, Austin, Texas

I’ve been doing a lot of research into Virginia barbecue places as part of my duties as Regional Smoke Detector with the Campaign for Real Barbecue. I’m trying to identify places that cook the traditional way — the best way — exclusively with wood and charcoal, no heat from gas or electricity. I’ve been spinning my wheels a lot, and would be lost without the … Continue reading B. Cooper Barbecue, Austin, Texas

Emergency Preparedness and Barbecue

This Blog fairly leaps at chances to provide public service announcements — that’s about all the leaping I do these days — and the nascent hurricane season offers an excellent opportunity. As we get into hurricane season, you need to be sure to have enough of those supplies that are truly essential. I mean truly essential. You just lived through the Great Toilet Paper Shortage, … Continue reading Emergency Preparedness and Barbecue

Great Barbecue in Lexington

Every now and then I look up from my plate and try to take a broader view of barbecue and other great issues.  As you’ll recall, not all that long ago, Nancy and I headed to Charlotte, North Carolina, for a family wedding.  I, of course, left a day early because driving to Charlotte means going through Lexington, North Carolina.  The drive to Lexington gave … Continue reading Great Barbecue in Lexington

Excellence in Public Education

This blog is public spirited, and particularly concerned with education.  Recall our criticism of the ahistorical and culturally inappropriate offerings at the Smithsonian’s Museum of African American History here in Washington, or our review of the benefits of going to East Carolina for college.  Most recently, we promoted science education.  We are also concerned with elementary and high school education, and want to publicize Best … Continue reading Excellence in Public Education

Heim Barbecue, Fort Worth, Texas

You may remember Heim Barbecue from a baseball kerfuffle a few years ago.  Jose Bautista, then of the Blue Jays, did a high slide into second while Rougned Odor of the Rangers was trying to turn a double play.  One thing led to another, including Odor connecting on a roundhouse right to Bautista.  Odor got an eight game suspension, but also — the ever-present silver … Continue reading Heim Barbecue, Fort Worth, Texas

True Texas BBQ, Midland, Texas

Following our Breaking News Bulletin, its back to Texas and the closing chapter of the 13th Annual National Parks Trip . The return from Big Bend involved an overnight in Midland, Texas.  Nancy asked me to suggest a barbecue restaurant there, so, being bereft of contacts in and around Midland, I checked the internet.  The top place in  both Yelp and Trip Advisor was True Texas … Continue reading True Texas BBQ, Midland, Texas

Chisos Mountain Lodge, Big Bend National Park, Texas

If you’re going to Big Bend, you want to stay in a relatively central location.  It’s a huge park, and there’s a lot to see. The place to stay is Chisos Mountain Lodge, centrally located and with a range of accommodations.  You can camp, or stay in one of a variety of rooms.  All rooms have microwaves and mini fridges, and most have air conditioning. … Continue reading Chisos Mountain Lodge, Big Bend National Park, Texas

Mando’s Restaurant and Bar, Marfa, Texas

I promised to touch on the Marfa art scene. Marfa has extraordinary cultural resources for a small town in the high desert of West Texas.  Marfa has its own NPR station, an independent book store, 16 art galleries and the Chinati Foundation, and a foundation-funded writers-in-residence foundation.  Marfa is a sort of Mecca of minimalist art, which tends toward maximalist in size.    This kilometer-long … Continue reading Mando’s Restaurant and Bar, Marfa, Texas