Whole Hog Barbecue Comes to Washington!

Regular readers know that 2fifty is easily the best barbecue place in the Washington metropolitan area and well beyond. In my last post on 2fifty, I mentioned that in addition to its outstanding every day menu, 2fifty has been offering weekly specials Wednesday through Saturday. I tried their brisket pastrami and, as detailed there absolutely loved it. I’ve been wanting to try their lamb, but … Continue reading Whole Hog Barbecue Comes to Washington!

Scott’s Bar-B-Que, Hemingway, South Carolina

What can you say about Scott’s that hasn’t already been said? Robert Moss recently selected Scott’s as the best barbecue in the South. Reasonable people will differ about that, of course, myself included, and unreasonable people even moreso. But Scott’s has been a consensus top place for decades. Some doubt was raised when Rodney Scott left home to start his own barbecue place(s) (he’s up … Continue reading Scott’s Bar-B-Que, Hemingway, South Carolina

The Ten Best Piedmont Style Barbecue Places in North Carolina

It’s high time that I listed the best of the Piedmont. I’ve done a Ten Best in Eastern North Carolina (actually eight), as well as “Best” lists for the Washington, DC, area and for Virginia, and all need updating. If a further spur were needed, it has been the demise of some wonderful Piedmont barbecue places in the last couple of years. I dearly loved … Continue reading The Ten Best Piedmont Style Barbecue Places in North Carolina

Rest in Peace, Latham “Bum” Dennis

A truly remarkable man has died. Barbecue legend Latham “Bum” Dennis has gone to his reward. We are the poorer for our loss, but the richer for his life. Bum and his wife, Shirley, founded the restaurant that bears his name in Ayden, North Carolina, back in 1963, and it is one of my all-time favorite barbecue places. Make that one of my all time … Continue reading Rest in Peace, Latham “Bum” Dennis

Pinkerton’s Barbecue, Houston, Texas

After our extraordinary breakfast at Valentina’s Tex Mex, Nancy and I headed back to Houston to see Anne Rain, Hunter, and Isabelle. Along the way, Nancy and I stopped and had a walk in Stephen F. Austin State Park. The modest admission was waived for Veterans Day Weekend (you’re quite welcome for my service, such as it was), the weather was beautiful, and the trails … Continue reading Pinkerton’s Barbecue, Houston, Texas

Terry Black’s Barbecue, Austin, Texas

Before I set off for Austin, I shot an email to Daniel Vaughn, the barbecue guru with Texas Monthly and the genius behind the Texas Monthly quadrennial 50 Best issue, and THE authority on all things brisket. Since we’d be there on a Game Day, I wanted to know where we could actually get into a great barbecue place without too awful long a wait, … Continue reading Terry Black’s Barbecue, Austin, Texas

The Original City Market, Luling, Texas

The morning after our wonderful dinner at Rainbow Lodge, Nancy and I rose with the roosters, ready to set out toward Austin to complete our 42nd state capital 10k “volksmarch.” We’d gained an hour by the time zone change, and we’d just left Daylight Savings Time, so getting up early was not a problem. The problem was that I wanted to stop for lunch along … Continue reading The Original City Market, Luling, Texas

Demetri’s, Homewood, Alabama

I love Demetri’s. I’ve written about Demetri’s before, here. It’s one of my Top Places, and they serve outstanding barbecue and great vegetables. This time, I went to Demetri’s for breakfast. Playboy magazine declared that Demetri’s serves the best breakfast in the United States. I want to make clear that I don’t read Playboy magazine. I never read Playboy, except for the cartoon captions, and … Continue reading Demetri’s, Homewood, Alabama

Garozzo’s Ristorante, Kansas City, Missouri

Ah! Molto bene! Ottimo! After a great lunch at Chef J Nancy and I drove over to the Truman Library in Independence. We are fans of Presidential Libraries, and this one really captured Truman as a person and as a President. The museum was full of reminders of the extraordinary challenges Truman faced — an overflowing plate even by Presidential standards. I especially liked Thomas … Continue reading Garozzo’s Ristorante, Kansas City, Missouri