The Best-Ever Sweet Potato Recipe: Liza Tanner Boyd’s Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole

Originally posted on John Tanner's Barbecue Blog:
Thanksgiving is upon us, and, as required by federal law, that means it’s time to make sweet potatoes.  Very sweet potatoes.  For most people, that means either sliced sweet potatoes covered with an incredible amount of sugar, or else a sweet potato casserole, where the incredible amount of sugar is blended in and the actual amount is… Continue reading The Best-Ever Sweet Potato Recipe: Liza Tanner Boyd’s Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole

The Latest on Wilber’s, Goldsboro, North Carolina

Wilber’s was the stuff of legend before it closed, most foully murdered at the hands of the North Carolina Departments of Transportation and Revenue.  Wilber’s was must-stop on the way to the beach for anyone who loved barbecue, including people who had just eaten a big lunch with too many corn sticks at Parker’s, just 45 minutes up the road. This blog has been in … Continue reading The Latest on Wilber’s, Goldsboro, North Carolina

Ayden Collard Festival, Ayden, North Carolina

If you’re in, say, eastern or central North Carolina or southeastern Virginia, hop in the car and drive straight to Ayden, North Carolina, for the Ayden Collards Festival.  Ayden is the center of production of that legendary heirloom variety,  Yellow Cabbage Collards.   As you can see, they are not actually yellow, or anywhere close to yellow. They are green and oh, my, they are … Continue reading Ayden Collard Festival, Ayden, North Carolina

The Best Cheese in the World is from America

We pause for breaking news. Regular readers will recall the recent report by Ross Eisenbrey, one of our Senior France Correspondents, on Fleur de Lys in Gruyères, Switzerland, home of an ethereal Civet de Chevereuil, or venison stew as it is known here in the États-Unis d’Amérique.  As the restaurant was in Gruyères, we noted in passing the dominance of Gruyere in international cheese competitions. … Continue reading The Best Cheese in the World is from America

An Important Health Alert

Here at the Blog, we are very concerned with public health, and want our readers to keep up with the latest scientific discoveries.  We have provided scientific analysis of appropriate barbecue sauce ingredients and the respective health effects of eating foods from pork to boiled peanuts to pot likker and greens; and warned of the dangers of Lone Star Ticks.  The Blog has, indeed, reconciled current scientific studies on … Continue reading An Important Health Alert

Wilber’s to Re-Open?

BREAKING NEWS:  Wilber’s May Re-Open As all the world knows, Wilber’s, a giant of Eastern North Carolina Barbecue, was closed back on or about the Ides of March.  There seems to have been a little matter of unpaid taxes.   Wilber’s had great barbecue. They also excelled in hush puppies (these are the remnants of an order) and had very good slaw, green beans, and … Continue reading Wilber’s to Re-Open?

The Science of Barbecue

Those  of you who don’t regularly follow Scientific American’s blog may have missed the June 3 post by Ali Bouzari, the author of Ingredient: Unveiling the Essential Elements of Food.   He also is a founder of Render, a food company that seeks to reinvent the way food lovers eat.  They sell some crunchy grain mixtures and beverages with interesting-sounding combinations of fruits, vegetables, herbs, … Continue reading The Science of Barbecue