Bacon Infused Beer

I’m a huge fan of bacon. Since you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a fan of bacon, too. Bacon is delicious all by itself and in numerous recipes, such as cornbread and shrimp and grits. I always cook bacon in a skillet and save the bacon grease to use in all sorts of things. You should, too.

And I really like beer. I like all sorts of beers and ales — lagers, pilsners, stouts, porters, and especially India Pale Ales, as regular readers may have noticed. Do you know what else I like? Waffle House. Really. They do a great job with breakfast — great bacon and eggs, and they serve their excellent hash browns umpteen different ways. And it’s a great company, as detailed here.

So here you have three things I really like and now they will be combined. Garden and Gun reports that the Oconee Brewing Company has teamed with Waffle House to make a bacon-infused beer, Bacon and Kegs.

Clever name. What could go wrong?

Plenty. Take two nearly perfect things: beer and watermelon. Separately, each is a delight. Mix them together in a watermelon-flavored beer, however, and you have an abomination. Trust me on that. Some people like such combinations, and this being America, you are perfectly free to put pumpkin pie spice on a steak if you like. Having made myriad bad decisions in my youth, and more than one since then, I will not judge you for yours.

That said, the list of things that are not improved by bacon is pretty short. So I am interested in trying Bacon and Kegs. The problem is that to get any I would have to go to Greensboro, Georgia, halfway between Atlanta and Augusta. I don’t want to suggest that Greensboro is in the middle of nowhere: it is not, despite what you might think. But Nancy might consider that to be a long way to travel for a beer that may or may not be good while she watches Ella and Lily by herself, and, try as I might, I can’t really counter that credibly. If any of y’all are traveling through Georgia to Washington, or points north, I’d really appreciate it … what, no one? Sigh.

If you get a chance to try it, let me know what you think.


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