Bean’s BBQ, Edinburg, Virginia

Why doesn’t anyone tell me about these things? I’ve been searching high and low for Virginia places that cook exclusively with wood. I hear about Bean’s BBQ, hurry there, and find out that it’s been around for 13 years. Thirteen lost years! 

Edinburg is an upper Shenandoah Valley town incorporated in 1852. It’s home to a little more than 1,000 souls, a number of historic homes, and a string of businesses along US Route 11, most notably Bean’s BBQ. Bean’s is housed in a building initially used as a print shop. That was over 100 years ago. It later became a garage and still later the town fire station. It’s a large open bay with a counter in the back at which you order and pay, and a wood-fired grill in front, right on 11.

I parked, strolled down, and looked at the menu. I wasn’t very hungry, so I only ordered a pork sandwich. Okay, and a bag of Route 11 potato chips in honor of the location. The sandwich was $6.99, and the chips were $2.00. Here’s the sandwich:

That’s a big sandwich, an incredible sandwich for seven bucks. Let’s look inside.

As you can see, there was a whole lot of meat, and the pork had been pulled and then chopped. The meat was very lean, “clean” in the sense that the gristle and excess fat had been removed. Still, it was very moist and tender, and nice and smoky. This is excellent pork. It doesn’t really need any sauce, but a little improves it. I liked Bean’s Original sauce, a traditional Shenandoah tomato based sauce with a good balance, and their very good mustard sauce.

I spoke for a while with Justin Davis, who was cleaning the grill after cooking. I gave Justin his Campaign for Real Barbecue sticker showing that Bean’s cooks True ‘Cue, barbecue heated only with wood and coals.

Justin told me about the 13 years, and said he’d built a large following from DC and Northern Virginia, and even Pennsylvania. On weekends, half of his traffic is comprised of regulars from those areas, and that raised the level of my respect for the culinary tastes of the region. Bean’s serves good barbecue by any standard. You should go there, you need to go there and try some.


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16 thoughts on “Bean’s BBQ, Edinburg, Virginia

    1. I’m leading a group of 9 motorcyclists from Frederick, MD, to Bean’s this Friday, 9/9/22. Our last “ride-to-eat, eat-to-ride” trip there was in November, 2020. Time to go back for that delicious pulled pork. Thanks for your blog item! Nick Diaz, Middletown, MD.

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  1. If you wish to experience true, fine BBQ, you should definitely make a stop by this place. Their variety of sauces that add a bit of extra flavor to compliment the fine smoky rich flavors are great. The staff are super nice and go out of their way to accomidate your needs for eating in or taking your food to go. You can even place an order ahead of time for a family gathering. The BBQ baked beans and coleslaw are also great. Should you get a chance to swing by our little town, please stop in and say “hi,” and get a huge sandwich, try the brisket or the amazing ribs. All of their food is wonderful. And they serve free smiles.😊

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  2. We are local and love beans! We knew Justin before he opened and his passion for food with great taste is evident. All of his menu items are a hit and I know this sounds like a great dishonor, but we love a good nacho table topped with his pulled pork 😊

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  3. Bean’s is top notch. Be sure to try other items like this Andouie sausage with the hot mustard and his sides are too notch. Real Pork’n’ beans and a vinegar based slaw.

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  4. Beans is great, but they run out so fast. You should also check out Townes BBQ in Broadway. Their chicken and brisket are incredible, and imo the best in the valley.

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    1. Ribs are on for my next trip Thanks for the tip! Are here other local places that are real good — not necessarily barbecue, but anything. /as you can see from my blog, I cover all foods.


  5. We are Local & LOVE BEANS BBQ!! Love all of the Items on their Daily Menus too. We try to order weekly, that’s if, they don’t run out… Soooo don’t hesitate!! Wonderful Staff. Yummy

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