Sailfish Marina, Palm Beach Shores, Palm Beach County, Florida

One of our regular frequent spots is the Marriott Ocean Pointe in Palm Beach Shores.

Palm Beach Shores is a charming, low-rise town set on the inlet serving Palm Beach. Most of the homes are single story and built in the 1950s, giving the town a very Florida architectural unity. Somewhat taller hotels are on the ocean side, and the other waterside properties are two or three stories. The marine traffic through the inlet adds interest to the views, especially when an ocean liner squeezes through, and when the big yachts come south in November.

Inside the inlet is a marina with large fishing boats available for charter,

as well as lesser craft, and there sits a waterside restaurant, the Sailfish Marina. It has a large and airy interior space with a subdued nautical theme

and a good amount of outside seating.

When need arises late in the afternoon, a second bar outside offers drinks and a limited food menu. A pleasant walk along the inlet and through the neighborhood takes you from Ocean Pointe to the Sailfish Marina. There’s almost always a line, but the Sailfish Marina is a nice place to wait for a table. There’s a nice Clothing and Other Stuff store next door, you can walk around and look at the boats, and the waters are clear and alive with fish of all sizes and many colors.

As you can see, the Sailfish Marina is about as nice a setting for a meal as you’ll find. Nancy and I arranged a lunch date with our DC friends, Bob Leland and Vicki Doff, who now live in Delray Beach most of the year. We got there a little before noon and got in the front of the line for an outside table. Several groups were finishing their breakfasts (it’s a vacation) and a table became available just as Bob and Vicki arrived. We got our menus and beverages promptly, and looked over the menu in a leisurely fashion and chatted, unmolested by Ann, our very nice and attentive server. Eventually we ordered.

Nancy and Vicki both ordered the blackened mahi tacos.

Those are onion strings on top. Nancy thought they were canned, but I disagreed. Otherwise the mahi tacos were a hit, with lots of fresh blackened fish.

Bob started with conch chowder, which I neglected to photograph. He enjoyed it and noted that it had a pleasant after-burn. I had a taste and verified that. It was delicious.

I started with the snapper ceviche.

It was a large serving and I shared it around the table. Vicki remarked that she didn’t find it too spicy. One person’s feature is another person’s bug. The ceviche was very fresh and had a nice flavor from the lime, and the red and green bell peppers added texture. I’m glad I ordered it.

Like Bob, I also ordered a blackened mahi sandwich. Mine came with beans and rice.

That’s a big hunk of fish. You can see a little corner of bun there — the filet overlaps the bun by a good inch. That’s serious blackening and a nice crust that you see, and beneath it is a thick, fresh, and flavorful hunk of local fish. The healthy slice of onion added freshness and a good crunch, and the lettuce and tomato added, well, not much. he beans and rice, my favorite accompaniment in Florida, were well seasoned.

There are better things than sitting outside beside a marina enjoying a delicious and leisurely lunch with good friends on a sunny Florida winter day. I can’t think of them right now, but they’re out there, I feel sure. Wouldn’t you like to feel that way? If you’re in the Palm Beach area, try the Sailfish Marina. If you’re going somewhere else, check this.


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