I Break Into New Media: A BBQ Blogger Podcast

Well, one new medium: podcasts. A while back, I did a post on AdventuRetired, a delightful podcast series about the many and varied ways people are “living their best lives” in retirement. Now, thanks to that Renaissance Man, Dan Kenney, they have a podcast about me and my Blog. You can listen to it here. That’s better than reading my posts as, much to my surprise, I apparently have a mellifluous voice. They say it’s “great,” and “smooth;” and 35 or 40 years ago two Murch Elementary moms described it as “sexy” (Huh? Go figure.) I prefer mellifluous. And you don’t have to look at me.

Note: Nancy and I did visit Hickory Park in Ames.

I certainly am living my best life, not only because of my Blog, but also because of Nancy, and because of my current (five years now!) position as Principal Deputy Nanny for Ms. Ella Grace Boyd and Ms. Lily Claire Boyd. I hope that you’re as lucky.


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